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Best Free Online Paraphrasing and Text Rewriting Tool 2021

Online paraphrasing is a word processor utilized to generate what seems to be brand new content out of what exists today. Paraphrasing is a method used by many writers to make their writing more interesting and impressive. The basic idea is to transform an article or essay into an orally entertaining piece by playing around with word order and grammatical errors. This can also help writers express their thoughts in a way that cannot be achieved with words alone. Most paraphrasing tool comes with an online application that allows the user to practice the techniques while receiving feedback.

Different ways of paraphrasing

For example, “A man who has not been promoted for two years in the company has just been given a commission.” Sounds great, but how would you interpret this? You could either paraphrase the sentence or rewrite it to fit your needs (rephrase as “A man who was not promoted for two years has just been given a huge commission”). This would increase your unique article’s uniqueness and make it more interesting to read because it has a different feel from a regular sentence. By using different ways of paraphrasing, you can come up with various styles and presentations. Here are a few ideas on how you can come up with your style:

Online paraphrasing tool

Google’s online paraphrasing tool does not contain a grammar tool. Although it comes with an exhaustive list of synonyms, genders, and conjugation for every word, it will not be of much use for you unless you are willing to check the articles’ spelling and grammar. There are paid tools that will cater to this need of freelance and professional writers. Just make sure that the tool will cater to your needs because there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution for all purposes.

SEO friendly paraphrasing tool

Most online writers get tempted to reword the article as many times as possible to cover all the word possibilities. While this strategy can get you hundreds of hits per day, it is not SEO friendly. To paraphrase, it takes longer to write the article, and it costs more money to buy rephrased articles. Another option is to hire a professional writer, which costs less but also takes time. There is no point in rephrasing the same words repeatedly if you intend to keep on using it as SEO.

Perfectly grammatical and spelling correct

Most online writers forget that the title of the article still needs to be SEO friendly. As a rule, a catchy title will do more for you than a perfectly grammatical and spelling correct title. However, what about in-text links? These are not as important as the title, so when you’re starting to write an article from scratch, try to find relevant keywords in your sentences. By doing this, you will make your paraphrasing tool work more for you won’t have to bother with too many spelling errors.

Paraphrasing use synonym dictionary

The most important aspect of any online paraphrasing tool should be its synonym dictionary. You’ll use these extensively as you write, so ensure that you have a complete list of synonyms and antonyms. One way to check this is by searching Google for all synonyms and then matching them with the correct word or phrase. Some good paraphrasing software will automatically do this for you. Still, you may need to do some manual research to find the exact words.

An online spinning tool

An important consideration when choosing an online paraphrasing tool would be whether it is a desktop-based application or an online-based one. Each type has its advantages, though the pros and cons differ somewhat. An online spinning tool, for instance, can be stored on your home computer, and not only will it help with your research, but it will also save you time. But if you want a desktop-based paraphrasing tool that you can run in the background, it might be best to go with a desktop application. It’s more convenient.


One final thing to look out for when choosing a paraphrasing tool would be its rewording capability. You want to get the most benefit out of your paraphrasing project, so make sure that you can reword certain parts when needed. As long as the software allows it, you could even reword and paraphrase sections of the paper as many times as you like! The key is to choose a tool that enables you to reword your work as many times as possible without your paper’s risk of being copyrighted. Finding this software is not difficult; all you need to do is to conduct some research.


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