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How To Join Shareasale? Is It still profitable in 2021?

Being an affiliate marketer on Shareasale is a fantastic low-cost business idea, and that is why many internet marketers are trying it out. But before you jump on to the website and register, you have to have a few things prepared. Do not proceed with them, or your application could get rejected. To save time, read on to learn the things you need to offer you a much better chance of getting an affiliate on Shareasale.

What is Shareasale?

Shareasale is one of the hottest affiliate advertising networks out there. It has over 700,000 affiliates and 4,000 merchants selling tens of thousands of products. Shareasale gives entrepreneurs access to all merchants from over a hundred distinct categories. The procedure for getting an affiliate is simple. All you have to do is fill up a form with a few basic information. However, that doesn’t guarantee acceptance into the network.

Reasons Why Shareasale Might Reject Your Application

Shareasale can refuse your application for various reasons. This network focuses highly on the quality of its affiliates’ websites, top-level domains, and the language of the content used. Shareasale also only works in the English language. If one of these standards aren’t met, that could lead to immediate rejection in the community.

You would also have to demonstrate that your site can drive visitors; this can be done by displaying traffic info on your site or proving you’re capable of generating sizeable social networking after.

Hazardous, hateful, and pornographic material on your website will also cause automatic rejection.

To prevent Shareasale from rejecting your program, here is what you need to do to secure your spot as a Shareasale affiliate.

1 – Build the Platform Where You Will Market Products

This is the first step everybody seems to overlook. Most aspiring affiliates begin by registering themselves on networks with no idea about which stage they would use for advertising products. The best practice would be to start your blog, website, or YouTube station, even before registering on an affiliate system. This can help you identify your audience as well as your niche too. Now you can concentrate on the retailers you believe can help you make the most out of Shareasale.

The very best platform to be an affiliate marketer would be your website. Your site can comprise blogs, articles, or videos — you name it. You have all the freedom to choose exactly how you will market the goods and what their content should be.

GlowHost is an outstanding hosting service that you can get for as low as $4.95. That is not much to invest every month, considering the thousands of dollars you may make while using it as your affiliate advertising platform. This is coupled with social networking platforms, so your company will be much more visible.

Try out GlowHost and get your website now. You even get a 30% discount on your plan if you enroll soon.

2 – Get Some Traffic To Your Platform

Marketing means you need to reach out to people. You cannot sell a product unless people go to your site. Locating traffic for your platform is very important for any affiliate marketer. Networks are more receptive to accepting people who have already proven that they can get traffic on their platforms.

Among the best ways to get traffic is to SEO optimize your site, site, or YouTube videos so that you may find a higher rank on search engines. Try out Raven’s site-auditor that assesses 17 different search engine optimization metrics also makes sure you have the right keywords for your platform.

Once Approved, Focus on Merchants That Fit Your Site’s Niche

Once your application is accepted, select the right keywords so your articles will have a better SEO ranking. Pick the most in-demand goods to sell and those associated with your website’s niche as you want to take advantage of the additional authenticity your site supplies.

Raven’s site tools can help you here as well. It has an integrated keyword planner tool that pulls thousands of potential search phrases based on keywords and lists their competitor’s levels.

The number one priority of affiliate networks like Shareasale is to be sure you’re legit. Some affiliates resort to unethical methods to earn easy money and scam the networks by manipulating them. Therefore, every affiliate network is cautious about who they allow inside. Together with the actions given above, no one can doubt your intent or validity.

With those tools, you’re well on how to become a Shareasale affiliate. These are brilliant ideas to get your program on Shareasale, or some other affiliate network accepted instantly.


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