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Is ProwritingAid Premium Worth It? Review 2021

ProwritingAid, otherwise known as Pronation, is an advanced grammar and composition software for writers of all disciplines. It goes beyond traditional proofreading tools by not only showing you where you’ve gone wrong in your writing but also suggesting what they mean and why they matter. The power of ProwritingAid to critique your work and teach you to improve as a writer is exactly why its makers compare it to a virtual personal tutor… an opportunity that no one without the benefit of ProwritingAid has ever had. Yet, despite all this, ProwritingAid still has a few drawbacks, which we’ll talk about now. First, they’re not cheap.

Pros might argue that a poor spelling checker isn’t much to get excited about, but I’ve seen many things that were marketed as the best ProwritingAid software fails on this one. A cursory examination of their free version reveals a lot of glaring problems. A full free version usually weighs in at around 50 MB and requires installation on your computer. It doesn’t have a spell checker, doesn’t let you easily move beyond a single paragraph, and even doesn’t have a support option – which is surprising since ProwritingAid claims that you’ll be able to call upon help “like a professional.” It seems like a company trying to sell a free, inferior product would have trouble calling upon help themselves.

ProwritingAid is free or not?

Another con that comes up with ProwritingAid for writing software is that it’s not free anymore. They’ve resorted to making their product available for purchase, which I suppose technically qualifies as an upgrade but not an improvement. The price, however, reflects the quality of what it offers. You can get access to an advanced grammar checker, a writing style chooser, and a full ProwritingAid review library for around one hundred dollars. It’s certainly a good investment if you’re serious about your grammar or spelling.

Why we use ProwritingAid

I don’t know if ProwritingAid has done anything for the freelance writing business, but I know it has opened my eyes a little bit on the whole grammar thing. My experience, both offline and online, has taught me that my word processing software of choice has been pretty far from perfect. I still have typos and grammatical errors to deal with, and I still get tired when I rewrite something. I don’t believe that those things are my fault, but it makes many people give up on a potential writing career because of them. This latest product alleviates some of those concerns.

Benefits of using ProWritingAid

What I like about ProwritingAid is how it integrates into your writing environment. The best programs for grammar-checking are not necessarily all that interesting. There are times when it is simply more comfortable to use a grammar checker with a few preinstalled features than to load up a separate program. That’s one of the drawbacks to writing software, in general. However, ProwritingAid takes care of that concern while also adding some other conveniences to the mix.

Pros of ProwritingAid

One of the ProwritingAid pros is that it is available as a free version with no cost to the user. Even if it isn’t worth much more than a few dollars, it has saved many writers countless hours of frustration. After all, they have had to return to the writing desk to perform a self-editing job because they struggled with a grammar error. I suppose that there are some writers out there who didn’t have that much time anyway.

ProwritingAid free trial

One of the best parts about ProwritingAid’s free trial is that it gives you the option to buy the full version if you want. Although it is limited in functionality, this version does offer a few extra features that the free version doesn’t, such as the addition of synonyms for the main verbs in addition to the synonym for “be,” “have,” and “eat.” This extra functionality helps with the self-editing process.

ProwritingAid Pricing

Conclusion of ProwritingAid

The bottom line is that ProwritingAid has saved me hundreds of hours because it detects plagiarized material way faster than a standard spell checker. It also helps me eliminate my mistakes before they can become too costly. If you are in the market for a good grammar checking software, I would recommend that you look at ProwritingAid Premium. Although the free version does a pretty good job, it lacks some of the options that the premium version has, which may make it worth a purchase if you write a lot of paper and ensure that you’re only using grammar software to help you write effectively.


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