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QuillBot – How Does it Work? Best Paraphrasing Tool in 2021

Google developed QuillBot to help its readers to be able to look up words quickly without having to look at the dictionary. It is a software that uses a database of over 13 million English words. For your computer to work with QuillBot, you have first to download QuillBot from the Google website. If you want QuillBot Premium, then you need to buy QuillBot from the Google website, too. QuillBot is extremely useful, and people who purchase QuillBot Premium will get several other benefits.

QuillBot unique recognition

QuillBot is equipped with a fully automated database that can handle all sorts of grammatical variations – including word games and paralinguistic ambiguity. QuillBot has unique recognition options that allow it to analyze and remember certain types of information. You can find QuillBot on the official Google UK English website. QuillBot’s database of literary paraphrases allows it to make predictions about various topical topics of interest. For example, if someone was reading a news article about the latest flu outbreak in the United Kingdom, and they typed in “flu” into the search bar, QuillBot would give them lots of different synonyms for flu.

How to work QuillBot?

QuillBot has several features that make it especially useful to writers. Its artificial intelligence enables it to detect sentence structure, skip specific words that appear multiple times, and to hyperlink phrases in its database so that the searcher is directed to the appropriate web page. In other words, it skips irrelevant words and focuses on the synonyms. In addition, it also provides technical words that can help a writer build a better and more professional-looking e-mail message. For example, a grammar checker can spot any grammatical error and save the writer’s e-mails to fix later.

QuillBot feature

Another feature of QuillBot that makes it particularly interesting is that it allows the user to create content in templates. The templates can be customized according to a user’s specifications. For instance, a writer who wanted to create content in a format that can be used by both casual and professional writers can use quillbot-style templates. It is a fairly unique feature of the free tool. And because most writers will probably never have to use such a feature, it is a good one.

QuillBot feature

QuillBot relevance filters in the software

One last way quillbot differs from other similar tools is that it provides a greater degree of automated relevance. In other words, it weeds out sentences that do not effectively convey the meaning of the rest of the e-mails. Many people use quillbot-style tools with a similar result. But the relevance filters in the software of QuillBot make it far more sophisticated than such tools. And that is probably what makes it more interesting and useful.

QuillBot highly efficient paraphrasing tool

QuillBot is not, however, the first highly efficient paraphrasing tool. The closest thing that I can say is that its sister products are very similar to Quillbot, but their efficiency comes mainly from speed. Phrase Detective and Mailwasher are two tools that provide some degree of relevance-based automation in their sentences. But neither of them has yet achieved the level of popularity that Quillbot enjoys. That probably has something to do with how it was designed, but I believe its real strength comes from its simplicity: it is an extremely fast and simple tool.

QuillBot powerful paraphrasing tool

As I have mentioned before, I believe that the reason why QuillBot is so powerful lies in the fact that it was designed as a completely natural language processing machine. The designers of QuillBot used familiar and tested keywords and built an algorithm that learns the meaning of these words over time, much like how an infant learns to speak. The resulting sentences are generally free of grammatical errors, but they often convey a genuinely natural and meaningful meaning. That’s a pretty big claim, and I don’t intend to prove it, but I think it is valid. Indeed, natural language processing tools like Quillbot have the advantage that they can take an arbitrary set of words and turn them into an exact template for generating unique, high-quality output.

QuillBot Pricing

QuillBot Pricing
QuillBot Pricing


As a user, QuillBot allows you to save huge amounts of time that you would spend rewriting, not to mention the fact that it is so much faster than any other tools for the automatic English translation that I have seen. You can even pass the QuillBot engine tests without even knowing it! And I believe that, given enough experience, most people will fully understand and use quillbot, making it an invaluable asset in any ESL course. I’ve been using quillbot for a while now. I love it for its simplicity, powerful features, and the fact that it is a natural language processing tool, allowing you to cut out the middleman completely.


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