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WhiteSmoke Translates Words – A Must Have Tool 2021

WhiteSmoke is a unique and amazingly simple to use full-featured grammar and spelling checker. It’s like MS Word’s regular spelling and grammar checks but in a more advanced form. WhiteSmoke offers a punctuation check, word reversal, grammar correction, and auto-formatting. It’s also great for double-checking literary works such as short stories, novels, and essays. It will instantly correct any mistakes that may appear in your written work.

WhiteSmoke word checking

WhiteSmoke comes with four additional “challenges” that you can use against it. These are: spell checking, word grouping, grammar, and mobile application. Spell checking and word grouping are beneficial, especially if you type many words or phrases as these can be very long. You won’t have to spend time correcting misspellings. With the mobile application, you can type a lot of stuff without looking at the phone screen.

How Does Work WhiteSmoke?

WhiteSmoke isn’t limited to word grouping and spelling, however. With its ios application, you can quickly search for specific information. Searching for a person’s email address, for example, is incredibly easy. Open the ios app, enter the street address, and WhiteSmoke will do the rest. This is one of the most useful features of this software. I especially like it because I often forget to write down my email address or the names of my close friends, so that this feature will come in very handy.

Where we use WhiteSmoke?

WhiteSmoke isn’t a full translator; it’s a basic ios/ios PhoneGram/iPhone text/text application. While it has many advanced features that interest a businessperson, it doesn’t exactly translate very well. The free version only translates from English to Spanish, German, and Italian. This doesn’t cover the types of languages spoken around the world, or even just in the United States. If you need a completely free translation tool, I’d suggest looking into tools such as Xbench or Rosetta Stone.

WhiteSmoke Free vs Premium

While the free version is fine for most people, it’s not worth paying premium prices for a professional Spanish to English Translator. While the free version does provide a basic understanding of how the language works, it won’t adequately help you with specialized needs. The paid versions offer several different payment options, including a one-time fee for the application, a monthly subscription that charges a flat rate fee, or an annual subscription that charges one flat rate for the entire year. The annual option is my personal favorite because it allows me to maintain a consistent pricing structure without setting up a separate project for each language.

WhiteSmoke pricing


Features of WhiteSmoke

One of the best features of WhiteSmoke, besides its multilingual translator, is that it offers a lot of neat features that streamline the process of translating documents. For example, it offers a tabbed interface that streamlines the process of selecting different translators. You can click on a translator from a drop-down menu and immediately see how many languages that particular translator can translate for you. This is extremely helpful when you’re on multiple devices. If you have more than one device, you’ll probably want to use a dedicated translating device for each one like most businesses.

Extra Features of WhiteSmoke

Another great feature of WhiteSmoke, which a lot of translators don’t have, is that it provides a plagiarism checking tool. Because it’s cross-platform, it checks the accuracy of the translated text against the original, and if there are any similarities, it will display a red flag. For example, if you translate a German and English document, then both texts contain some common mistakes, such as spelling mistakes, sentence gaps, and punctuation errors. A multilingual translator can save you time and effort by showing you these errors right away.


WhiteSmoke also includes some tools for editing. You can go in and change any part of the HTML code or CSS so that it matches your project’s code. You can also go in and change any part of the source code, such as the navigation bar or style sheets. This allows you to keep everything consistent with your template while making any number of content and presentation changes. This is undoubtedly a must-have for anyone who wants to become a better writer.


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